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The vibrant art and life in Salvador Bahia, Brasil

The rich African culture and richness has forever influenced the Bahiano culture. This range from food, art, music and vibrant energy that the state brings.  With each interaction is an experience of a kind. All Bahia wear art and design are influenced by these unique experiences. You are welcome to share your Bahiano experience by responding to this blog.

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Featuring Imbassai Beach, a hidden treasure of Salvador Bahia

Bahia Wear is an art form that thrives on love for the City of Bahia in Brazil. Every time I spent my time by the ocean side of city and country side of Bahia, the creativity juice flows. Here is a true Bahian take on Salvador Bahia: " Beautiful, historic, fascinating, dynamic city, that introduce you to a most warm, joyous, hospitable people - Bahians. In Brazil we call Bahia the land of happiness, where life is relaxed, tranquil, comfortable, beautiful, and exciting"   Fernando Bingre, Salvador Bahia Tour Guide, always on the move at  We will bring you exciting stories from different cities of Salvador Bahia.

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