Featuring Imbassai Beach, a hidden treasure of Salvador Bahia

Bahia Wear is an art form that thrives on love for the City of Bahia in Brazil. Every time I spent my time by the ocean side of city and country side of Bahia, the creativity juice flows.

Here is a true Bahian take on Salvador Bahia:

" Beautiful, historic, fascinating, dynamic city, that introduce you to a most warm, joyous, hospitable people - Bahians. In Brazil we call Bahia the land of happiness, where life is relaxed, tranquil, comfortable, beautiful, and exciting"  

Fernando Bingre, Salvador Bahia Tour Guide, always on the move at www.fernandobingre-salvadortourguide.blogspot.com.br 

We will bring you exciting stories from different cities of Salvador Bahia.

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  • Chas Zimmerman

    Love, much Love for Salvador Bahia

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